Dubshed 2012 – Indoors

I have to take my hat off to the organisers of Dubshed 2012, seriously lads, well done. Yesterday was my first time travelling to the event in Kings Hall Belfast and I was very pleasantly surprised. The location itself was perfect, a mix between various indoor halls packed with immaculate VAG goodness and huge outdoor areas equally as impressive. The whole event seemed to run smoothly and they even managed to book some sunshine for the day! The quality of cars on display didn’t disappoint, with everything from old school gems such as Beetles ,Mk1 Gti Golfs etc, to a huge variation of the newer VAG range. There really was something for everyone. This pic heavy post is dedicated to the cars on display indoors with more coverage to follow with all going on outside.

There’s a whole lot of pics here so I’ll not clog it up with text – simply enjoy, like and share :) .


  • http://www.VANDERSLICE.ORG Arielle

    You have a youtube channel?

  • Conor

    I think the pics are great. Everyone photographer has their own style of shooting, framing and post processing. Would like to see your own photos Tom Tom, any links?

    • Tom Tom

      What would seeing any of my photo’s accomplish? Who even said I take photo’s? Indoor pics with artificial light are always hard to take but I would have went with a different style of photoshopping than what is above to compensate

  • http://www.freshfix.net Cian

    Just when you think you’ve seen it all, some mentalist puts L200 wheels on a Vento, and polishes them… @Tom Tom Seems to be a problem with the venue, nearly every set of pics I’ve seen from this gig have suffered lighting issues.

  • Baz

    I thought the photo’s looked class..Certainly what i’d expect from the freshfix crew. Sickened I missed it, fire up a few outside ones. :)

  • Tom Tom

    Not a fan of the pics! Over shopped and very underexposed looking. Also some bad cropping of some of the pics. Some writing wouldnt go astray with the post. Very poor compared to the norm :(

    • admin

      @ Tom Tom – Ah , Marty couldn’t make it so I (paul) had to do the pics dude, would never claim to be a snapper so it was this or nothing…

  • Conor

    Nice one man, serious pics and unreal cars!